Meet The Founder

Hey, I'm Miko

I'm Miko DeHoniesto, the founder and CEO of Tonic & Sage, LLC. I am 27 and I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I'm a creative with a background in fine art, pastry and herbalism but I have practiced cosmetic formulation as a hobby for 8 years.

My Journey with creating skin care began in my teens

 As a lot of handcrafted skincare companies are born, this company was started as a hobby and morphed into a sort of ritual for myself. I struggle with chronically dry skin and needed a remedy from the products that I was currently using in my teens. At the time I was caught in the wave of "non-toxic" living so I knew I wanted something low in additives with no parabens or pthalates. After doing some research and trying a bunch of products that didn't work well for my skin, I decided to try to make something myself. 

Thus my journey and obsession into the world of crafting body care products was born.

The first body product I ever made for myself was a body scrub. It wasn't much, just oil, honey, and sugar. It's something I would probably never make now but it was the first step in a long love affair with crafting body care. 

Struggle was a big part of my my why

Today, I know for a fact I struggle with anxiety but over the years I had no idea what I was dealing with and struggled to believe that anyone else felt like me, or that my struggles were even valid. 

The best thing I knew to do was to be gentle with myself. 

When I made these products for myself and used them to help rejuvenate my skin during a long winter, it gave me reprieve from racing thoughts or feelings of panic. I used these products as a tool to reconnect to myself, to add value to myself when others in my life told me I had none. These were just small ways that I could be mindful with myself, it wasn't about the bath or making myself be unnecessarily positive ( honestly a lot of times it was the opposite) it was about the connection I was making with myself, it was about taking small moments with myself.

So here we are

I decided to start this business at the end of 2020. 2020. for everyone globally, was radical disruption of everyday life. I had been working in pastry at a really great restaurant here in Pittsburgh before I was laid off due to Covid-19.

 I ended up having a major shift in perspective  that spanned over the 6 months of quarantine. I had fallen back on centering being gentle with myself. Eventually I made a leap to choose a dream.  I chose myself , gentleness, and a hobby that is very personal to me and chose to create this business to share my methods of self care. 

Tonic & Sage is no longer a dream of self-care

Self care to me is a way to come back to oneself and connect with your body. In a world where we are taught to give, give, give and put yourself last, it seems almost indulgent to care for yourself. Finding tangible ways, no matter how small, like showering or bathing can help you to reconnect with yourself. I chose this hobby as a way to give back to myself and connect to myself and I started this business to share with people the many ways in which you can take time to care and reconnect with yourself. I hope in time this brand can become helpful to guide people on their own self-connection journeys. I want this company to change the way we think about self-care. The product is just a tool to reconnect and check in with ourselves.