Foaming Jelly Cleanser

NEW! Jelly Foaming Cleanser is Aasimple Jelly body wash that will turn your shower routine into a moment of bliss. This body wash features biodegradeable surfactants that are gentle enough po trade broker download for sensitive skin but will leave you feeling fresh and so clean. Shop the Foaming Jelly Cleanser Now!

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Plant Based Skin Care for Every Body

Vegan and striving to be sustainable in all we do. We rely on the power of plants and formulate for even the most sensitive skin types

  • Vegan

    All of our formulations are vegan. We want to make sure that every one, no matter your life choices, can have great skin care that doesn't harm to animals.

  • Plant Allies Forever

    We believe excellent skin care can come from the plants right in your back yard. We love Calendula, Yarrow, and Lavender in our formulations and we think you will too!

  • Herbalist Crafted

    These products were created and formulated by a woman who studied has studied herbalism. She infuses her knowledge of plants thoughtfully in to each formulation.

  • Black Owned and Proud

    We are 100% black owned and proud. We believe in supporting our black community and thank you for your support and allyship.